Kate and Chris in MASSADA Limited Edition carnival costume party:)

Barbie & Ken costume party making instructions.


1) First, determine the specific Barbie & Ken you want to create and find an outfit identical to Barbie & Ken’s. Ours was of course MASSADA LIMITED EDITION.

2) Find a perfect Barbie Outfit. The best colors are pink, purple, green, turquoise and yellow. For makeup Kate used pink eye shadow, pink lips & dramatic eyelashes. We bought also on the internet 2 wigs.

3) Find a big box a cut a “window” and cut off the bottom part of the box for your feet.

4) Purchase 9 bottles of spray. (4-5 bottles for each box). It takes about 2 hours to dry.

We bought  1 blue, 3 light pink and 5 dark pink. We used blue to paint the inside box for Ken.

5) Next, download a Barbie and Ken font, Mattel logo and all the extra needed for your edition.

We gave them to our friend you printed them on foil.

6) Now it’s time to make some straps! Get inside the box and measure the distance between your shoulders and place marks inside the box for each shoulder. Underneath each shoulder mark place another mark where your armpit stops. Cut tiny triangles through the box where you made your marks. Put ribbon between both of the holes and make knots on the back of the box.

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