Monthly Archives: June 2013

Life is good with cheerful Monika!

Surreal, bizarre upside down graded play

„Wrong” by Quentin Dupieux is the movie which stays in my head for
two years after I watched it. Dolph has lost the love of his life, his dog,
Paul. Bizarre intrigue with surreal esthetics touches upon my emotions.
Question of what we value in life before we loose it, keeps coming back.
Abstract, paradox art movie gives a touch of humanity in daily routine.

Sleeper Dark Tort with upside down grey graded lenses

Dr Strange Love Crystal Matte with upside down navy graded lenses

Dreamcatcher Tortoise Shell with upside down brown graded lenses

Clip reflections #summertime

Opening Night Honey Tort Matte with Navy Clip gold mirror lenses

Dreamcatcher Grey with Gold Clip blue mirror lenses

Belle de Jour in Harper’s Bazaar

Preparing photo editorial in Dr Strange Love

Abstract Art in Massada

Tokyo Mon Amour Dark Tort with gold mirror lenses

Enjoying Monday Night with Grand Cru and Egon Schiele

Gangnam Style with Massada! BIG AMERICAN CAT in Korean famous TV show.


Everything is #blue in custom Dr Strange Love clip #mirror

Massada Maine Coon Team in custom made champagne gold clip with sky blue mirror

Dr Strange Love Crystal Matte with Champagne Gold Clip,  sky blue mirror