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The lounge uses symmetry and artistic pretence to create a thoroughly
designer atmosphere: a black and white trompe l’œil mirror effect is
achieved with a woollen carpet that portrays a classical French ceiling
while the ceiling has itself been covered with a wall paper printed with
the same ceiling.Cream-coloured traditional French panelling cover the
walls, suggesting a non-existent past with traces of pictures and their
lighting. Shimmering coffee tables imitate the Margiela ‘Group’ sofas,
covered in white cotton and linen. Humorous and unusual, the rooms
take you into another world which blurs the lines of reality and fiction.
The hotel is situated in the ideal location between l’avenue montaigne
and the grand palais.

Designer Bakery

Bécasse Bakery, Sydney, Australia.

Baker D. Chirico, Melbourne, Australia

Lagkagehuset Bakery, Copenhagen, Denmark

VyTA Boulangerie Italiana, Turin, Italy

Is there anything better then a loaf of warm, great bread?
In these days it has become a luxury.
More and more of us are sick of the white, never-to-stalesliced bread in its
never-to-biodegrade plastic bag. We crave for fresh artisanal breads,
natural ingredients, heritage grains, organic everything.