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Located within a trendy and nice neighborhood, the Emporio Baglioni
stands out for real. This is the restaurant design by Rocco Vidal which
provides a relaxing but modern feel to the restaurant. It has a very
unique exterior façade with entrance that seemingly resembles the
neighboring gates. It may look ordinary and common on the outside but
upon closer scrutiny the entrance is designed to emphasize the
connection of both the private and public spaces thus the continuation of
the promenade.

Baglioni Restaurante
Rua Pedroso Alvarenga, 708
Itaim Bibi – São Paulo – SP
T: (11) 3078 0388


The lounge uses symmetry and artistic pretence to create a thoroughly
designer atmosphere: a black and white trompe l’œil mirror effect is
achieved with a woollen carpet that portrays a classical French ceiling
while the ceiling has itself been covered with a wall paper printed with
the same ceiling.Cream-coloured traditional French panelling cover the
walls, suggesting a non-existent past with traces of pictures and their
lighting. Shimmering coffee tables imitate the Margiela ‘Group’ sofas,
covered in white cotton and linen. Humorous and unusual, the rooms
take you into another world which blurs the lines of reality and fiction.
The hotel is situated in the ideal location between l’avenue montaigne
and the grand palais.

Designer Bakery

Bécasse Bakery, Sydney, Australia.

Baker D. Chirico, Melbourne, Australia

Lagkagehuset Bakery, Copenhagen, Denmark

VyTA Boulangerie Italiana, Turin, Italy

Is there anything better then a loaf of warm, great bread?
In these days it has become a luxury.
More and more of us are sick of the white, never-to-stalesliced bread in its
never-to-biodegrade plastic bag. We crave for fresh artisanal breads,
natural ingredients, heritage grains, organic everything.


Another iconic vehicle is about to be reborn. This time it is the
Mercedes-Benz 300SL from 1954 that is getting the make-over treatment
by Arturo Alonso and his company, Gullwing America.
The 300SL Panamericana will feature classic styling with modern day
luxury appointments and technology.
Independent suspension including adjustable coil-overs will support four
wheel disc brakes and older style 17 inch AMG alloy wheels. The car will
sit lower, have speedtronic transmission, side mufflers, no bumpers, a
special grill, four spoke leather steering wheel with power assist, a start
button, A/C , a four point harness, Becker Mexico Radio with CD and I
pod adapter, and fitted leather luggage.