Daily Archives: January 31, 2012


Located in Extremadura in the province of Cáceres, Spain, this country
house was transformed into a family home from an abandoned stable.
The rustic home with modern simplicity completely respects the
environment. A solar panel system was developed to provide energy in
the summer, and turbines were installed to make use of the streams to
supply energy during the winter.


Chef Fina Puigdevall converted the ground floor of her family’s
13th-century house into one of the ‘world’s best-looking dining’
establishments. She added five luxury rooms where diners can spend the
night.The perception created is a mysterious, alluring image with subtle
transparencies, light and shadows generating new, sophisticated
relationships, intentionally voyeuristic, where the peek-a-boo effect
makes the existing and newly designed spaces even more attractive and
interesting.There is nothing in the room. Just a bed and mineral water to
drink and sunlight filtered through trees to watch.No television, no radio..