Daily Archives: January 25, 2012


Fogo is the world’s wildest arts scene.  The stunning series of artist
studios serve as the home to the foundation’s new Residency Program.
Artists from around the world come to live in work in the area for several
months at a time, taking in the rugged surrounds and working in the clean
geometric structures which seem to teeter on the edges of the landscape.
The studios were designed by Architect, Todd Saunders.
Four of them were finished in 2010, three more were unveiled on
23 June 2011. Each studio is completely off grid. Scattered over the island,
the ultra-modern constructs are jarring and dramatic blades of volcanic
stone built on rock, perched seemingly precariously over the water.
While radically different in appearance from Fogo’s weather-beaten
clapboard houses, in subtle, abstract ways they have a relationship with
them. Both are built on stilts over the water and seem to cling to the shore
like their life depends on it.
The second project is the Fogo Island Inn, a luxury hotel. The five-star
modernist inn, also designed by Saunders, will have 29 oceanfront rooms
when it opens in June 2012. It will also feature a spa, heritage library and
art gallery.